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  1. …Idiocy triumphs when people blindly trust others or accept dominant paradigms without deeper understanding. Such foolishness can be excused in children up to the age of six. However, someone who is capable of thinking and making conclusions, but submits to a paradigm due to pressure or to gain personal benefit, is actually a coward. Such a person creates a fantasy world in their imagination, or a shell, but begins to hide their true nature behind boastful lies or is forced to mask the increasing desperation. Society shapes its life based on paradigms and the viability of paradigms is determined by their followers. As a result, people as rational beings should reach one ideal paradigm. In theory, it’s so simple – everyone should agree on the best model of world governance, then cultivate and enjoy its fruits. But in reality, the struggle between paradigms is direct evidence that the ideal one has not yet been found. There are several reasons for this: first, individuals who do not understand the world – idiots (ἰδιώτης – idiotes), who live in the real world but are separated from it by their inner shell. Secondly, experts (experitus) in their field who help maintain a specific paradigm. And thirdly and most importantly, truth, or the decisive factor to test, compare or measure each expert or paradigm against reality. And this is where many of the world’s most knowledgeable minds have stumbled and will fall…